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Many businesses across the world has now started using online fax services for their day-to-day communication activities. When the word ‘online fax’ is used, it is more of a generic term. It is a term used to refer to any system that transmits fax through the internet. But when we take a look into it deeply, there are three major segments that vary in its scope and functionality.

Personal Online Fax Services

As the name suggests, it accurately describes about this category of fax services. Though this is term is seldom used by the service providers, there are few providers who allow the businesses and users to send faxes in this way. The providers allow the users to send fax through the web browser by typing their own text or by sending a word document or pdf file.

Stand Alone Fax Services

Stand Alone fax services are required by those businesses who requires a small amount of faxing services. If they need a fax number but their communication options are less compared to large businesses, then this is a perfect choice. Stand Alone fax services allows to have a toll-free fax number or a local fax number to receive the fax in the email format. Even large businesses that needs a replacement for fax machine can find this useful service on .

Voice Over IP PBX with Fax

VoIP or Voice over IP, can pair up with online faxing. VoIP along with online fax service proves to be more useful than the email faxing alone as it is a package of communication tool. A company that is focusing on growth year after year and the one that needs lot of functionalities like auto-attendant phones, fax and mobile integration, can choose this option of online fax. The providers of this type of service are called Unified Communication providers.
The above three segments are the most popular in the online fax service market. The capabilities of these segments are becoming more increasingly available at a lower price due to the advancement in technology.

The Technology Used

As more and more businesses have started using the online fax services, these services are moving towards what is termed as ‘cloud computing’. If cloud computing becomes the future of the fax services, then there won’t be need for the businesses to acquire processes and hard drives. The cloud computing model will be a cost-effective way as it delivers the value for the money.

Selecting the Right Package

Selecting an online fax service is very critical for the business. It is important to choose the right plan based on the various factors of the business. With the rise in smart phones, there are users who even want to send faxes through their smart phone with the help of apps. Always look for features that you really want and can make use of, more effectively. Here are few critical factors based on which a plan can be selected.
The Faxing Frequency: The first factor is to calculate the average number of fax that needs to be sent and received per day. Though the industry average is 300 pages per week and the plans are usually based on this count, this tends to differ based on the nature of the business. For example, a real estate firm tends to make use of the fax service a lot and three hundred would seem to be very less for such a firm.

If a proper package is not selected with sufficient number of page count, then the cost tends to become more. This is because the company would charge extra for the additional pages. It is advised to evaluate the requirements of the business before selecting a plan with the provider. There would be multiple plans available with the provider and one can always select the appropriate one for their business to be cost effective.

The File Storage: Online faxing has a very important feature to store all the faxes online. While some providers offer this storage for free, some charge for the storage of faxes. The charge might be based on the time period or amount of storage utilized.

Therefore, it is wise to work out how much space would be required for the storage of faxes and then, choose a plan. Preference for a toll-free or local fax number. Number of users in the organization who needs access to the online faxing app. The type of customer support that is required. Large companies usually prefer a 24/7 online support.

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